Lucky Layla Butter
This unique Golden butter reveals the true color of the milk produced by our Guernsey and Jersey cows. This butter is churned in a traditional way to produce the best handcrafted butter available.

Cajeta- Dulce de Leche Caramel Milk
We take our milk, we heat it and condense it to make a creamy delicious dessert. Your options are endless with this sweet creamy caramel - dip it with fruit, top ice cream, put it on bread, drizzle over popcorn or pair it with cheese. Cajeta, a great dessert to take to any dinner part and is wonderful during the Holidays!

Yogurt Cheese
Our Yogurt Cheese is made by condensing our delcious yogurt down to the consistency of a spreadable cheese, the result is unlike anything you've ever had before! At 20 calories per serving it's a healthier option to cream cheese and sour cream! Spread it on bagels, make no-bake cheesecakes, fill pasta shells with it, mix with hot piccante for a delicious dip - the possibilities are endless! Currently the Yogurt Cheese comes in two options, Sugar - made from our Plain yogurt and Pure - a tart version made from our Pure yogurt.


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